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2021 Ronix Carbon Sprocket Wakesurf Board

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Carbon Sprocket
Skimboard response - Surfboard feel

Sprocket = Skim style rail profile + Thruster response. This stealth creation comes with a sharper rail, bevel, and bottom channels. All of this results in high speed maneuverability. This electric board has more bite in your bottom turn and a quicker release off the peak. It opens up a new spectrum of tricks. The most reactive layup Ronix has ever built in their many swells of producing surfers.

  • Front & Rear Wax Mat Cush Pads
  • Arch Support & Extra Tall Tail Wedge  
  • Fin-S Tool-Less Design Featuring Spring Lock Technology
  • 1 Carbon Fiberglass Symmetric 3.5"
  • 2 Asymmetric 4" Floating Fins
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge  
  • Core - Handmade by Robots
  • Compression Molded Air Core 3 Construction
  • Performance: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Construction: Carbon Air Core 3
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Rail: Hard
Size Chart
Size Volume Weight
4'3" 13.2 L Up to 155 lbs.
4'7" 14.7 L Up to 190 lbs.
4'11" 15.6 L 170 lbs. and up


Rider Review

"The Sprocket really is as agile as they say. The carbon lets the board sit on top of the water, and because it's so stiff it is very responsive. The board feels smaller than it is under your feet because of how quick it reacts. This one is a fun ride. You can mellow it out with all 3 fins in, but release that middle fin to really rocket down the line."

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