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2024 Ronix Supreme YES CGA Vest

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Ronix Supreme YES CGA Vest

A new mid to high end range CGA jacket for U.S. and Canada.

We’re not referencing the boat, the hipster clothing brand or the pride of Motown’s singing group. Ohhhh no-what we got on our minds is the ultimate aquatic form of buoyancy-this Supreme CGA jacket. A Supreme blend of buoyancy and mobility. Packed with cushion foam for the rider that wants a truly form fit. It’s that Supreme. A signature vest from our friend Jake.

  • Oversized Arm Holes
  • 2 way stretch
  • Standard Torso
  • Chest Cushion Foam
  • Water Resistant
  • H20 Glue
  • Nature’s Neoprene
  • H20 Yarn
  • Back Supportive Foam

Size Chart
Size Chest Size
Small 31"-34"
Medium 34"-37"
Large 37"-40"
XL 40"-43"
2XL 43"-46"
3XL 46"-49"


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